The Romantic Maldives

Maldives are a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. There are over 100 species of birds here and you can expect to see crows, parakeets, and water hens as well as koel birds. Also present are herons, seagulls and noddys.

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This paradisiacal land includes hundreds of islands and coral atolls The majority of these islands are uninhabited, but it is popular by pristine beaches or first rate international seaside resort. O¬ne of the famous island resorts is the Nika Island Resort, which is located only 74km away from the Male Apart from snorkeling, here visitors can also enjoy such diverse water activities as sunset fishing , windsurfing, canoeing and more.

There are over 100 species of birds - expect to see crows, parakeets, and waterhens as well as koel birds. Also present are herons, seagulls and noddys.

Maldives provides extensive restaurants plus eat-out stores presenting genuine continental in addition to delightful sea foods. Ocean foodstuff comprise the absolute maximum the main mealtime. A number of taking in joints positioned in some other part of the united states. You may enjoy owning your foodstuff within the under water restaurant. This is a wholly fresh expertise in my opinion. Grilled in the absolute best approach, the standard recipes in Maldives can be a innovative gastronomical experience.

Maldives has been an independent sovereign country except for a brief occupation by the Portuguese. It then became a British Protectorate in the mid-fifties and gained full independence in 965. It has been an Islamic country for more than 800 years.